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 Our expert cheese mongers have designed a range of wedding cakes, featuring a delightful and balanced selection of cheeses. These cakes are a great alternative to traditional cakes. We personally source all of our cheeses and can ensure that they are of the very highest of quality.

Creating your custom cheese cake

Visit our shop to design your own special cake with all your favorite cheeses. Please make an appointment with us and our expert team of cheese mongers can guide you through our inventory to create your ideal cake.

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What happens during my consultation?
Taste your way through our selection of artisan cheese with one of our expert cheesemongers to create a delicious cheese tower for your wedding day. We will build the tower in front of you so you can see what the finished cake will look like, and to advice on the correct quantity of cheese for the number of guests.

Should I bring anything to my consultation?
The date of your wedding, theme and colors, and flowers you have picked for your special day.

How will it be delivered and how soon should I order?
We will deliver your cake anywhere in the front range and in the mountains. We recommend no less than 6 weeks before the event to ensure the selected cheese is available and is in peak condition.

What should I serve with the cheese and how is it served?
We have a large selection of crackers/crostini and cheese accompaniments and many of these can be sold in catering size packs. Serving the cheese can happen in two ways: your caterer can serve the cheese during the cocktail hour or as a dessert course, or we will be very happy to plate your cheese course.