Blueberry Bourbon Ricotta Pancakes

Be aware: Once you make these, people will want them all the time!

This batch is for 24 good sized pancakes. They freeze very well.

2 cups Fruition Farms Ricotta

4 large eggs, separated into yokes and whites

1.5 cups of whole milk

1 tsp of vanilla extract

2 cups of flour

2 tsp of baking powder

6 tbsp of confectioners sugar

pinch of salt

4 tsp of melted butter

one heaping tbsp of Blueberry Bourbon Jam

  1. Place the ricotta, yolks, milk and vanilla in a bowl. Use a rubber spatula to mix (press down on large lumps as required)
  2. Ad flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt. Mix until just combined. Batter should be thick!
  3. Place egg whites in a separate bowl and whisk until nice a foamy. Fold egg whites into batter and mix until just combined. Batter should still be pretty thick!
  4. add a tbsp of the jam. Fold it in gently! Batter should not become purple. All you want to see are lines of the jam throughout the batter.
  5. Heat a non stick pan over medium heat. Melt butter on pan and then quickly wipe with a paper towel..thats the trick to getting beautifully browned pancakes the first time around!
  6. Pour a heaping ice-cream scoop on the pan and use the scoop to make it nice and round. 40 seconds each side.
  7. Serve warm with maple syrup and maybe a little more jam!
atmooneyBlueberry Bourbon Ricotta Pancakes

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