Relief and Raclette after the Holidays

What a holiday season!

Thank you for making it the best yet. We have wonderful new additions to the bistro: namely Raclette at happy hour. The Fox and the Crow hosts a Happy Hour from 4-7pm Monday through Friday. In addition to drink specials..our entire drink selection is almost half off, we provide Raclette!

What is Raclette?

Raclette means “to scrape” in French and it is also the name for the traditional French/Swiss meal in which the top of a half a wheel of Alpine cheese (notably the ¬†Swiss cheese named Raclette) gets heated up to the point of bubbly and then the gooey goodness gets scraped onto roasted potatoes, baguette, meat, greens, and pickled vegetables.

I know. It’s like a dream!

And now you don’t have to travel to Europe or a big city to experience it!

$12 base

$15 w/meat

atmooneyRelief and Raclette after the Holidays

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