Fall/Winter Updates

Hello curd nerds,

Change is the air!

We’ve started selling from scratch soups that will warm you up: French Onion and Tomato Bisque. The FO is a veggie based, Unami packed punch topped with our crostini and Wisconsin gruyere. The TB is our grilled cheese’s better half. This savory version of the classic is made with roasted chicken stock and topped with a creme fraiche heart…AWWW!

Quiches are on their way as well…they’re just taking their time about it…typical quiche behavior.

Hours are reflecting the colder weather, we are opening later everyday:

Tuesday and Wednesday 11-7

Thursday thru Saturday 11-9

Sundays 12-6

Mondays are still closed (sorry)

Come on in to see the other changes yourself: a new four top, a take and grab cheese case, and most importantly, meet our new staff members, Maria and Ciara!

Stay Cheesy!

Al and Tina

atmooneyFall/Winter Updates

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