Has it really been since March that I updated my blog?!

Spring and Summer proved to be even more busy than projected..the patio was rocking! In August we shut down the shop for a week so that we could visit family in Maine… something we thought would be inconceivable the first year of business! As we prepare for the holiday season…I know…shhh!..

Big changes have been happening at the shop:

-We’ve been able to expand our inventory by buying a new grab and go case

-Switched around retail

-Al is in the process of making a new four top table for the cheese area

-new cheesy family members

-new menu items for the fall/winter (including soup and quiche…squeeeee!)

Also very exciting, two new classes coming up in November/December. We’ll be teaching the art of the holiday cheese platter! Look at our classes page for more details.:)

I promise I won’t wait as long next time to give you updates!


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